Referral Agent Portal
Welcome to the EZ Referral Network, the ultimate referral program. We know that buying a car can be challenging and, although there’s a ton of product information available at customers’ fingertips, there’s nothing like having a friend who sells cars to make the process easier. Thank you for being that friend in the business and having the confidence in our dealership to take care of your referrals as if they were our family members.
Referral Agent Resources  

Video Training
How to Refer a Friend
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EZ Referral Network
The EZ Referral Network lets you easily:
  • Log in to your personal website or smart phone mobile site.
  • Enter your friend’s or relative’s contact information. Their information is sent directly to that dealership and to your salesperson friend.
  • Follow whether your friend purchased a vehicle or not.
  • Track the status of your referral fee
  • Get paid in one of three ways:
    1. Electronically via a debit card.
    2. Kept on account at the dealership for use for future parts, service or sales.
    3. Donate the money toward your favorite charity!